Increase Conversion of your Emails with Visuals

2:00 pm (UTC), Tuesday, May 10

Of course, you did know that visuals have a direct impact on your conversions. But what font types and sizes will work better? What buttons will boost your sales? And how to design bulletproof ones?

In our webinar, we will show you how to design a non-standard layout with standard methods in Stripo. Namely:

  1. Subject lines: How to personalize them with Stripo using merge tags.
  2. Headings in emails: What font type and font size are appropriate for emails. How to enhance your email design with the “text-shadow” property.
  3. Hero image with advanced adjustment: “Border radius” is on duty. And other ways to build a perfect banner for your email.
  4. Bulletproof CTA buttons: Practical advice on how to increase conversion with buttons.
  5. Change the shape and design of your containers for keeping the layout per the Gutenberg diagram for easy skimming.
  6. Create 2 rows in 1 container and make your layout unusual.
  7. UTM tags: Set the tags automatically to all links in the template to save time.

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