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Name Match
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Name 2
Calculate button
The "Try Again" option Allow recipients to play this game again.
Button name
Response Storage If you want to store recipients’ answers, please provide a link to your data service. To learn how to set up a data service, read the dedicated article or ask for help at
Link to your Stripo data service
Invalid url How do you get your data service link?
Generate a fallback message automatically We offer a default message that explains to customers why they cannot play the game and recommends they go shopping right away.
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Name inputs
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Text color
Border color
Border radius
Font size
Text alignment
Calculate button
Text color
Background color
Border radius
Try Again button
Text color
Background color
Border radius
Works in FairEmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail.
Works in Apple Mail, Samsung Mail.
Email clients that don’t have support for interactivity.
Сonnect yourJSON files, or paste your own code to pull in information like text or images.
Upload custom code
How do you pull info from your data feed?
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