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Klaviyo Email Templates

Need a proper Klaviyo email template for reaching out to subscribers? Find one here in our compilation and customize it down to build all future campaigns in under 20 minutes.

Our Most Popular Klaviyo Email Templates

Actual and Recently Added

Why would you need Klaviyo email templates at all?
To automate the email production process. On average, email marketers spend up to 26 hours on crafting email campaign. While we reduce this time by 60%.

1. Banner generator

Banner is crucial for all newsletters. 

70% of users make their decision whether to scroll down judging by it. Make it eye-catchy, appealing and convincing to shop with you. 

Our banner generator allows uploading images, adding copy over them and applying filters to entire banners.

Btw, Stripo offers over 40 decorative fonts to wrap your copy with.

Please, refer to this blog post for more information on how to build sophisticated banners for your Klaviyo newsletter templates with Stripo.

2. Versioning

Among numerous collaborative tools, versioning is probably the most important one. The more people have access to your account, the higher the chances to lose some changes are. 

With our versioning option, you can always find the necessary version of your Klaviyo email template in your Stripo’s account and roll back to it. Saves time on editing emails again.

3. HTML block

Wanna make your Klaviyo email design more unique? Feel free to add custom elements to your emails via our basic HTML block. Normally, you would need to code such emails on your own from scratch.

But not with us — just pull this block in your Klaviyo HTML email template, then embed the custom element that you’ve built with a third-party tool. And your email is ready!

4. Interactive content

If you want to use CSS-animated buttons in emails or apply rollover effect to images in free Klaviyo newsletter templates, you can do it in just a few clicks.

No coding skills!

For manual on how to do it with Stripo and to see examples of how it looks, please refer to the “Interactive emails” blog post. 

5. Content library

You can store the email elements that you frequently use. Those can be headers, footers, product cards, etc. You just drag these samples from the library into your email template when designing a new campaign. This option prevents you from the necessity to build these samples from scratch all over again.

Some brands even save entire Klaviyo email templates to personal content library for further use. This works best when your campaigns look similar.

6. Email testing tool

When your Klaviyo email template is ready-to-go, be sure to preview it with our email testing tool. This will enable you to see how your email will render across 70 email clients and devices and their most popular combinations. 

Running such tests prevents your Klaviyo email templates from looking broken on your recipients’ screens.

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